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One to One Wellbeing Coaching Sessions

with Jane

We'll talk and you'll be genuinely heard, valued and understood in a way that you might not have been before. I'll help you believe in yourself in a new and better way, then inspire you to make changes and move forward in a way that you've possibly been wanting to do for a long time... more

Group Conversation Sessions


These sessions are organised and facilitated by me, but the respectful space they offer is created by the group as a whole. Experiences are shared, we listen to each other, learn from each other, inspire each other and enjoy being in the company of like-minded women who want to find a new sense of face-to-face connection... more


VP Marketing

Bringing women together to learn, share and play... more

Peloton Wheels

VP Marketing

A wellbeing initiative, supported by Recyke-a-Bike and Cycling UK, where women come together for a cycle and chat as part of a supportive group. Wheels is all about building confidence, both on and off the bike. The emphasis is very much on the social aspect of cycling - whatever your experience or ability - and self-confidence building during our café conversations... more


VP Marketing

Costs for sessions vary... more