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Peloton Wellbeing Group Sessions

28 August 2019 - The Masks We Wear

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If you live in the Central belt of Scotland, I invite you to join me in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for sessions of mindful conversation, usually around a particular theme or topic.

The sessions are organised and facilitated by me, but the respectful space they offer is created by the group as a whole. Experiences are shared, we listen to each other, learn from each other, inspire each other and enjoy being in the company of like-minded women who want to find a new sense of face-to-face connection. No one is pressured to speak during the conversation, but the aim is for everyone to feel they have a voice should they choose to use it.

Sessions vary: sometimes they are limited to small groups, sometimes they are open to around 30 women. Sometimes they are limited to Peloton members, sometimes they are available to women from the wider public.

Following The Peloton Facebook Page keeps you posted with session dates and details, and ensures you’re offered a place for some of the sessions before they're advertised to a wider audience.

Sessions are hosted in a private space in Stirling’s Recyke-A-Bike café or at my home. 

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