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posted here 8 Nov 2018 (first posted Aug 2018)

I established The Peloton in February 2017. At the time, it helped a little with an itch I'd been needing to scratch ever since I stepped back from my training and working as a person-centred counsellor. I'd still wanted to help people to feel better and live better - I just wasn't quite sure how best to do that>>>>

posted here 8 Nov 2018 (first posted April 2017)

Your life is always going to be messy, that’s the nature of the story; your life will often feel incomplete, you’ll search for conclusions, you’ll worry about ‘getting there’ instead of ‘being here’, you’re always going to be bound by change and things will seldom go to plan >>>>

posted here 1 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

It wouldn't be the festive season without a Christmas countdown. Every day till Christmas Day I'll post something you can do to boost your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - and, remember, anything that helps us feel better physically also helps us feel better mentally, and vice versa!

Day 1 - listening to songs or >>>>

December Wellbeing Countdown 

Day 2: Take yourself out for a wee walk

posted here 2 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Don't let the murky weather or lack of daylight stop you. Put your phone down, put your jacket and boots on, use a torch if it's getting dark, open the door and walk. If it's raining, splash through the puddles as you go. The mud will soon wash off, the endorphins released will >>>>

posted here 3 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

This is so quick and easy, but can really make a difference if we feel a bit stressed or anxious. It's also great to practice as often as we can throughout any day (you can do it anywhere) - take a wee pause every now and again and >>>>

posted here 4 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Lift your head and look up... >>>>

posted here 5 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

I know, it sounds boring, but staying well hydrated is so good for our bodies and minds. Don't get too hung up on how much to drink (at least 2 litres per day is >>>>

posted here 6 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

It's good to talk, but talking's only good if we actually feel listened to - especially when we're sharing our vulnerabilities. And when we listen, really listen, well that's great for our >>>>

posted here 7 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Whether you're at a Christmas night out or at home in front of the fire - do get up, loosen up and dance! >>>>

posted here 8 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

For some people, this is a great time of year.

For some (probably many more), it's not.

If we were feeling sad, or low, or stressed, or left out, or worried, or lonely before the festive season started, the chances are that we're going to be feeling it so much more during the next few >>>>

posted here 9 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

We feel so much better when we're getting plenty of good quality sleep. Insomnia can be a serious and debilitating issue, but even a few sleepless nights here and there can have quite >>>>

posted here 10 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting - at a desk, in a car, on a sofa, on the train, in a chair.... Try to be more aware of how long you're spending sitting inactively and try to break that time up with some moving around >>>>

posted here 11 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

One of the most viewed TED talks ever is the wonderful Brené Brown's 'Power of Vulnerability'.

Try to set aside 20 minutes to watch it - she explains so much better than I ever could why it's so important for our wellbeing to embrace and share (when it feels safe to do so) our >>>>

posted here 12 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Some degree of structure and routine can sometimes be helpful in our lives, but too much of it can leave us feeling stuck and feeling like we're 'surviving rather than thriving' >>>>

posted here 13 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Be kind >>>>

posted here 14 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

So, there's bound to be plenty of tutting, shaking of heads and throwing of eyes up in the air in response to today's gentle suggestion. Especially when it's being given on a full-swing-Christmas-party-night-out-for-many-people kind of Friday!

But if you're still with me and haven't gone off to pour yourself a glass of wine in disgust... >>>>

posted here 15 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Don't be hard on yourself and don't pay heed to your inner critic when you don't achieve something you set out to achieve. Instead, acknowledge your disappointment while heartily congratulating yourself for setting out instead of staying still... >>>>

posted here 16 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

We might not get too much of it, but when the sun does make a lovely appearance during the winter months it's so good for our mood and general wellbeing to soak those snippets up. Get wrapped up, head outside, look up, go for a walk, go for a jog or even just wander up and down >>>>

posted here 17 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

It's ok to say no >>>>

posted here 18 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Whatever the external pressures around Christmas (from the adverts, social media, the shops, our family, the traditions etc), the anxiety and stress that come hand in hand with Christmas time usually stem from the responsibility we feel from within ourselves to make it 'perfect' >>>>

posted here 19 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Having a good laugh can release physical tension, boost our immune system, decrease stress levels and release endorphins.

Watch one of your favourite comedy movies, binge on funny Youtube videos, read a funny book, spend time >>>>

posted here 20 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Many of us feel like we don't have time to pick up a book and read, or we view it as a luxury - especially at this busy time of year - but I wonder if we do actually sometimes have the time, it's just that we choose to use that time on other - not so good for us - things instead >>>>

posted here 21 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Often we feel a heavy sense of duty and responsibility to find a solution to our family members' and friends' problems, to sort things out, to make them feel good again, to make them >>>>

posted here 22 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Pause for a few moments, close your eyes if you can, take a few long deep breaths, and - even if you don't feel like doing it - smile >>>>

posted here 23 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Whether it's along with your favourite Christmas carols, your most-played playlist on Spotify, the family Christmas karaoke competition or during your festive shower - tap into your inner Beyoncé, your magnificent Michael Bublé or >>>>

posted here 24 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)

Taking a bit of time to actively think about, and express, our appreciation for even some of the littlest things in our lives is so very good for our souls. It can be especially helpful to keep a 'gratitude journal' in >>>>

posted here 25 December 2018 (first posted on Facebook)


Being at home with the people we love,

Wrapping up bundles of socks and gloves,

Hanging up stockings, no matter our age,

Stuffing the turkey with onion and sage,

Watching The Grinch and a Wonderful Life,

Glad the day’s past without too much strife… >>>>

Women’s Wellbeing — a few insights and how coaching can help.

posted here 29 April 2019

I came across a little illustration recently which represents beautifully what I strive to offer clients in my role as a Wellbeing Coach. It’s a simple drawing: two people sitting facing each other, one labelled ‘Client’, the other labelled ‘Coach’. Each has a thought bubble above their heads. In the client’s bubble is a messy scribble, as if a toddler’s been let loose with a crayon to create an unintentional but perfect representation of Mr Messy. The tangle is being teased out in the coach’s thought bubble by being reeled in and around a cotton bobbin…

It’s a simple concept. De-tangling. Straightening things out >>>>

Rose, Bud, Thorn

posted here 23 May 2019

We all know it’s good to talk and, more importantly, feel heard. So, I run fairly regular conversation groups for women in my capacity as a Wellbeing Coach. The way they work is I set a topic or theme, we settle down with a cuppa and we sit together in the understanding that our sharings in the group will be heard respectfully, in confidence and without judgement.

I don’t ever publicly share anything specific we’ve talked about, but I do think it’s helpful to share some of the themes or exercises I’ve used so that anyone can benefit from trying them or exploring them outwith the group sessions.

Last night I used an exercise called ‘Rose, Bud, Thorn’ >>>>