Hello, I'm Jane Milne and I specialise in helping women live their lives better.

You can learn more about me here and you can meet me in the flesh by scrolling down to the video below.


How I can help as your Wellbeing Coach

If you're a woman who's feeling stuck, or sad, or unhealthy, or at a cross-roads or lost or fearful of change or worried about what other people think or held back by your own self-doubts or would like to improve your general or one aspect of your welllbeing, or are struggling with any other of the multitude of adversities that life throws at us - my style of wellbeing coaching could well be for you.

I provide a confidential space for you to talk about and explore what's going on in your head and in your life. It's really helpful to talk things through with someone who really listens. That might be enough, one or a number of sessions where you can feel heard and understood (maybe for the first time in a long time). 

But what I can also do is help you reflect on your general wellbeing and help you understand how some aspects of your lifestyle might be having a negative impact on you and on how well you manage the adversities that life is challenging you with. 

I help you to help yourself, encourage you to listen less to what other people think, inspire you to discover - or re-discover - your inner strengths and motivate you to break the habits and make the changes you need to make.


Group Conversation Sessions

Wellbeing Workshops

Social Cycling Group


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A little flavour of what I sound like and look like.

You'll see there's no airbrushing, gloss or polished script. It's off the cuff, because I consider being my genuine self to be one of the most important things I can offer as your Wellbeing Coach.

There's more about me here >>>

Why 'Peloton'?

A 'peloton' is a group (usually of cyclists) that works together to get through the challenges their journey might throw at them. By acknowledging, accepting and better understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, the individuals in the group move forward much more comfortably, efficiently and confidently than they would if they were struggling along on their own.

It also means 'Fearless' in Finnish....